Small World Day Nursery, 975 Stratford Road, Hall Green, Birmingham, B28 8BG - Tel: 0121 693 3071

About us

At Small World Day Nursery we provide a welcoming and emotionally secure environment where learning takes place through a careful balance of play experiences and structured activities. Activities are planned by the staff to enable children to develop necessary skills in the EYFS curriculum.

Small World Day Nursery provides quality care and education for children.

We aim to unlock the potential of every child whilst offering safe and affordable childcare

Our nursery staff are committed and experienced in both childcare and development.

  • Registered for children aged from 0-5 years
  • Open Monday to Friday 7.30am – 6.00pm
  • Nursery Education grants for 2, 3 and 4 year olds
  • Holiday Club for children 5-8 years (All school holidays except for 2 weeks during the Christmas period)
  • Two outdoor areas 
  • Outdoor search and seek area
  • Ball pool/soft play area
  • Planting area (vegetable/flowers)

Our Team: Nursery Organisation and Staffing

Our team consists of qualified level three staff and a Manager with BA Hons in Early Childhood Studies. We have a positive approach towards integration and have two SENCO’S who are trained and experienced in teaching SEN children.

Nursery Security

The Nursery operates CCTV 24hrs a day to cover all indoor play rooms and all external areas of the building.  Each entrance to the nursery and play rooms can only be opened with security codes.

Babies Room: 0-18 Months

Caters for 9 babies

Our Baby room is equipped with carefully chosen toys and teaching materials to promote all areas of development within this homely atmosphere. Our high staff ratio ensures individual attention within a carefully designed child centred routine incorporating the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.

Parents are given an individual daily diary book with information about what their child has done throughout the day including meals, nappy changes, sleep, bottle feeds and activities they have enjoyed.

Each child will be allocated a key worker who will be responsible for your child’s learning and development.

Tweenies Room: 18 months – 2+ years

Caters for 12 Tweenies

The Tweenies room is bright and equipped with a range of toys and resources to stimulate the children’s learning and development. The Tweenies room has lots of different areas of play such as the home corner, book corner and sensory activities.

They also incorporate a range of activities such as cooking, singing, reading stories, creative activities, messy play, and outdoor play throughout the day.

Tweenies are encouraged to sit at a table for snack, meal times, and tea time. Staff in the room will support your child to feed themselves with a spoon and drink from a beaker.

Parents are given a daily diary with information about what their child has done throughout the day including meals, nappy changes, sleep, bottle feeds and activities they have enjoyed.

Toddlers Room: 2 – 3+ years

There are two toddler rooms which can have 16 children in total.  When your child starts in Toddlers they are assigned a key person. Your Child’s key person will plan activities tailored to your child’s individual needs and stage of development and keep a record of their progress to share with you.

The Toddler room is a warm and welcoming room that provides fun and challenging activities with a range of resources and lots of different areas of play such as the home corner, messy play, cooking, book corner and computer area to stimulate the children’s learning and progress.

Active toddlers in this group are given ample opportunities to participate in teaching sessions and encouraged to learn and play within a slightly more structured environment indoors and outdoors incorporating the Early Years Foundation Stage. The daily activities are planned to include all aspects of individual and cooperative group play. We also have a dance teacher in every week.

Staff in the room encourage and support the child to be independent during meal times to feed themselves with a spoon and fork.

In the Toddler Room we do the EYFS progress check at age between 24-36 months.

Parents are given a daily diary with information about what their child has done throughout the day including meals, nappy changes, sleep, toilet training, and activities they have enjoyed.


There are two pre-school rooms which can hold a total of 30 children. When your child first starts in the pre-school they will be assigned with a Key worker. Your child’s key worker will plan activities tailored to your individual needs using the EYFS curriculum.

In pre-school the children have access to computers and an interactive whiteboard with the latest applications for numeracy and literacy to enhance the children’s learning further.

We encourage the children to enjoy books by sending the children home with a book bag every week with a book of their choice to share with their parents/carers.

The children in pre-school are provided with a variety of learning experiences to enhance their learning, which is incorporated with the British values. Staff allocate a child every morning and afternoon to be a pre-school helper and this child is given the opportunity to carry out small tasks around the room such as giving out cutlery at meal times, leading the line and helping staff to set out activities.

In the pre-school room we follow the jolly phonics and we concentrate on a letter phonic sound of the week for two weeks. We also introduce homework for the children as we believe parent partnership plays an important role in this as we work together to support the child’s learning.

A dance teacher comes in once a week to engage and encourage the children to explore and express their feelings through movement and dance. We also have a Spanish teacher that comes in once a week to teach Spanish to the children. She presents the activities with resources and props to engage the children to make it fun and enjoyable.

Pre-school children perform their Christmas Nativity at Hall Green United Community Church in the evening to give parents/carers the opportunity to watch them participate in the Christmas nativity.

Food and Nutrition

We provide a freshly cooked meal at lunchtime. There is a choice of vegetarian, halal and meat options and we also cater for special diets for children with special dietary needs. Our caterers will plan a balanced and varied diet with meal times being used to encourage good table manners and related skills and problem solving.

On arrival to nursery children are offered a variety of cereal for breakfast.  Throughout the day the children are offered a variety of snacks including fruit and drinks of milk, water and diluted juice.

We prepare balanced meals for lunchtime and offer light snacks in the mid afternoon. Warm snacks are offered through cold months and cold snacks through the warm months.


The nursery is open throughout the year except for all Bank Holidays and will close for one week over the Christmas period.

Bank Holidays are charged at normal rates if this falls on your child’s day and the Christmas period will be charged as a separate payment.

We offer holiday entitlement, two weeks of half fees per year any other holidays are charged at full fees. Holiday periods will begin from the date your child starts.

Fees are payable weekly or monthly in advance by standing order.

A two week deposit is required to secure a place. This will be deducted from your first week and last week at the nursery.

Outdoor Play Area

There is lots of opportunity for the children to learn through play outdoors. They have the opportunity to experiment in the seek and search area with mud, mud kitchen, planting vegetables and flowers and investigating the nature of insects and animals such as birds, squirrels, spider webs and lots more.

We have a quiet space outdoor for the children to listen to stories using our storyteller outdoor chair.

The children can use their creative skills to explore sounds using the musical instruments. The children have access to a range of large wooden outdoor equipment, climbing frame, stepping stones, wooden bridge and ladder that helps and encourages them to develop their large gross motor skill and hand eye-coordination when they are balancing, climbing, running and crawling.

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